Why should I work for Kontra?


Flexible working hours

According to our C25 the “efficient working” hours vary for each person. At Kontra, you designate your working hours.

Everybody says that it is high salary but…

The quality of your time also outside the workplace matter to us. The figure pleases you will please us as well.

Be a professional of your own branch…

You can promote without a change in job descriptions. Our team consists of professionals of their own works.

Personal development D8

We show necessary flexibility to all our colleagues who are attending or willing to attend MA and PhD programs or special education courses. Meanwhile, we offer opportunities for active missions in innovative R&D projects.

Social work environment

We attach importance to the sociability and freedom in our work environment in order to sustain a peaceful and quality setting for you. We think that free minds would be more creative and D8efficient.

General Job Application

For general applications, please send your resume to our address