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  • Partnering and Business Development Management

    From the start of the business process where the idea is assessed and developed, this department distributes parts of the flowchart to relevant units until it turns to a service or product. It organizes and performs company’s relations to other institutions and its partners as they are responsible for all the processes of products and services presented to users.

  • Data Management Team

    This unit aims to provide a systematic performance optimization by methods of database management, data analysis and data mining. It follows and applies R&D-oriented projects and up-to-date technologies.

  • Customer Experience Management

    This one focuses on implementations which spread to the entire institution for converting all interactions with customers to experiences at every single contact point before, during and after the sale.

  • Software Development Team

    This group conducts all software processes of the value-added services (VAS) which are the major operative branch of the company. Additionally, interface software used in the company is done by them.

  • Business Support and HR Management

    They provide support to relevant departments at each stage of all non-technical processes. They meet all needs of the company concerning HR Starting with training, organization and recruiting.

  • Media Purchasing and Mobile Marketing

    While putting a commercially successful service into practice, the most critical factor is a enjoying a successful media purchasing ability. Regarding all the services performing in digital media, this department is one of the most important business units along with media optimization and instant purchasing power.

  • Financial Affairs

    This unit directs the processes of finance, accounting, budget and reporting, payrolling and taxation. They also manage of relations with legal tax consultants, financial institutions and tax office.