Our R&D Projects

Our R&D Projects

Kontra Digital Services has initiated two different TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects regarding its R&D policy in order to manage its own infrastructure investments: Web Content Management System and Personalized Recommendation Engine.

Web Content Management System:

Web Content Management System is a project supported by text mining and intended for boosting working performances of web portal editors.

Through this developed system, automatic content scanning is being conducted and contents are classified automatically according to their categories by the support of content matching algorithms. Hence, the editorial efficiency rises as they create more distinctive contents in shorter time.

Personalized Recommendation Engine

The project of Personalized Recommendation Engine was launched for the purpose of developing a system supported by data and text mining approaches. While developing this system, providing a personalized experience was prioritized as a target for the users of our web portal. Each of those users differentiates from others concerning their fields of interest and hundreds of contents are being presented every single day in 11 distinct categories. Our users were made to meet these content and ads according to their areas of interests. Consequently, the quality of the time spent at our site will increase while our users would enjoy more freedom there.

Both of our projects mentioned above are supported by ITUNOVA. Additionally, this project was invited for contribution with a chapter entitled as “Personalized Content Recommendation Engine for Web Publishing Services Using Text-mining and Predictive Analytics”, in a book “Applying Predictive Analytics within the Service Sector”.